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In a previous post, I confessed a particular fascination with film and video footage of the stars, distant planets, and so forth. I’m posting a quick note in that vein here to draw attention to the following video of the Northern Lights, which has haunted me since watching it earlier today. Growing up in Minnesota, I was fortunate to glimpse the aurora borealis more than once, although the sort of spectacular displays visible here were rare, in my experience. It’s honestly difficult to describe the feeling of witnessing the Northern Lights, but this video comes as close as anything possibly can, I think.

I’m embedding the video here just because I can’t stop watching it, but please do stop by the website of the incredibly talented filmmaker, Ole C. Salomonsen. His photography is breath-taking, awe-inspiring, and downright magnificent. I could look at the photos there and on his flickr feed (available through the Vimeo gallery link below) all day!

Ole’s Vimeo gallery is available here.