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Note: To see what the 5 Minute Month is all about, click here to visit the first post.

Today’s post is a perfect example of why I’m doing the 5 Minute Month. It’s been an incredibly busy day, for a number of reasons — Tuesdays and Thursdays this term tend to be wide-open, no time to pause, from the time I get up until I finally make it back home. It’s been a nice change of pace to be able to get home before 6 PM, consistently (in the fall it was more like 7 or even 8, depending on the day), but I still feel like I need a minute or two to catch my breath and relax before plunging on ahead. I’ve got an evening of grading (midterms) and a small amount of class prep (King Lear) tonight, which is a lot to pack in to just a few hours.

The point is, this is one of those days when I don’t feel much like logging in and posting something. It’s been a very positive day, overall, and I’m looking forward to a productive and relaxing (maybe? hopefully?) weekend, but right now, I don’t feel up to the task of generating some thoughtful critique of an academic topic, or even passing along some wonderful arts-oriented link that has caught my eye today (although you may find something in the Twitter feed along the right-hand side here.

But the 5 Minute Month is all about setting aside just this much time to log in, offer up some sort of perspective, and see what happens. Today, it’s the scattered musings you see here, tomorrow — who knows?

About 260 words, 6 minutes.