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Note: To see what the 5 Minute Month is all about, click here to read the first post in the series.

Yesterday afternoon I got slammed with a sudden onset of “the ick,” as folks I know like to call it, and shuffled wearily home from my office to collapse on the sofa. A brief comeback early in the evening allowed my wife to convince me to go out to dinner, since it was a beautiful evening, and we did have a nice time, but soon after we returned home, I was about ready to pass out. Felt better this morning and afternoon, although even feeling good was a bit of a Catch-22, since it means I’m now healthy enough to get back to work on a pile of freshman comp papers. 😉

Not much to bring up in this post, I’m afraid — between feeling sick and working to get caught up on grading work after a very busy week, I haven’t had time to ponder the ins and outs of life very much. But the sun is shining, and I’m putting work down in a few minutes to join some friends for a BBQ (here’s hoping the ick doesn’t circle back to get me again tonight). I’ll leave the profound thoughts for tomorrow, and take this small post as a “Win” in the “staying alive” column, as far as the 5 Minute Month is concerne.d

Word count: about 230
Time: had to step away from the computer, but about 4 minutes, give or take.